Will Beddow

Hi, I’m Will Beddow. I’m a student, a developer, and a person that likes making stuff. 


Email: will@willbeddow.com

GitHub: github.com/ironman5366

Where’s W.I.L.L/Why isn’t there anything here?

I generally use this domain (willbeddow.com) to test out any cool projects I might be working on. For the past few years, that’s been a personal assistant called W.I.L.L.. Gaining thousands of users, and some recognition within parts of the Python community, I consider W.I.L.L to be a huge success, and without a doubt my most notable project. However, I no longer have the time to spend to keep up with the features that the personal assistants on your phone have, and my interest in the subject has been in decline. Add this to the fact that I was still paying for the servers every month and I decided to end the experiment known as W.I.L.L.. If you supported W.I.L.L, thank you! You’ll always be able to find the code on my github.

Professional Inquiries

My resume and references are available upon request at the email listed above.