Introducing W.I.L.L.
Your new assistant

Meet W.I.L.L, a free, open-source personal assistant that can do everything from read the news to setting reminders - on any platform you want.

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  • Free

    W.I.L.L is, and always will be, free for the user. I pay for hosting entirely out of pocket and my only source of income from W.I.L.L is donations.


    W.I.L.L uses to process every command, and determines exactly what you mean with advanced natural language processing.

    Multi platform

    W.I.L.L runs on a publicly available JSON API. That means that it's super easy to make requests to W.I.L.L - any internet connected device can do it. Want an app, site, or add in that runs W.I.L.L? There's an API for that.


    All of W.I.L.Ls database queries are internal and secure, and passwords are salted and hashed using bcrypt. W.I.L.L works to keep your data safe

    Contribute to W.I.L.Ls development and hosting

    I pay for W.L.L.L completely out of pocket and provide it for free to the users. Hosting costs total around $45 per month.