KRLX Desktop

KRLX Desktop 1.0 Released

I'm happy to announce that you can now download and install a desktop app to play KRLX from your desktop.

Installation Instructions:

  • Mac

    • Download the .dmg file from the download link and install. If you get a warning saying that your computer won't allow you open apps from unidentified developers, open "Settings" -> "Security", check "Anywhere" under where to allow apps from.

  • Windows

    • Download the .exe file from the download link and install. If you have Windows 10, a box may pop up saying that smartscreen flagged the installation. Click "More Info" -> "Continue Anyway" (This happens because I'm a small developer and not a large publisher that Windows knows)

Features: - Displays current show and information, pulling host info from Carleton directory - Shows recently played songs, querying Spotify, and Youtube (Apple Music upcoming), for information - Lists upcoming shows and information - Allows users to chat with DJs from application

Click on the Spotify icon next to a song to open it in Spotify, and the Youtube one to open it in Youtube

Currently available for Mac and Windows (email me at if you want a Linux version)


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