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What is KRLX Mobile?

KRLX mobile brings KRLX to your phone, enabling you to listen on the go, see information about your favorite shows and DJs, and add songs you like directly to the platforms you listen on, like Spotify and YouTube. Additionally, browse the show schedule for a term and the KRLX blog right from the app, while you're listening.

Also, KRLX Mobile is fully open source, find the source code here:

KRLX Mobile Example Usage

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Apple Music support?

    • Coming soon!

  • The app says the stream is offline, but I know it's not. What's up with that?

    • Sometimes there are errors in the data that the stream sends out, and even though audio is sent, KRLX mobile can't read it. In most cases this is caused by a DJ logging a song that has a title with special characters that cause errors in the feed. If this is the case, the information will also be missing on If the information is there, but not in the app, it may be an error

  • Why does KRLX Mobile need to know my location?

    • I use location data to determine if you're at Carleton, and if you are enable Carleton only features. No location data ever leaves your phone, and I never see or have access to any of it

  • Where should I report errors?

  • Is there a desktop version of this app?

Thanks & Recognition

Are owed to...

  • Mash Ibtesum, who contributed code that made the audio streaming features of the app possible

  • Kira Roberson, who sent me logos and assets that became the icons and pictures in the app, and inspired its design

  • The entire KRLX board, for supporting this project and making sure that KRLX exists for us to listen to!

Disclaimer: This app is a personal hobby project and is not affiliated with KRLX or Carleton College

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